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.257 tsx

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Topic: .257 tsx
Posted By: pyro6999
Subject: .257 tsx
Date Posted: May/05/2008 at 20:46
if i were to load the 100 or 115 gr .257 tsx and shoot it out of a 25-06 or a .257wby would they push the tsx fast enough to make it expand reliably on whitetail??? my father in law insists on using 100gr bullets in his 25-06, can i push them fast enough with this caliber or even with the .257wby to make them work??

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Posted By: RifleDude
Date Posted: May/05/2008 at 23:02
I've used the 115 TSX in my .25-06 with good results on a couple of deer and hogs, but I haven't shot enough critters with it to really give it a fair evaluation.  My go-to deer bullet in the .25-06 is now the 110 Accubond because I've been able to get it to shoot a little better than the TSX in my rifle and it's produced what I feel is an ideal combination of expansion and penetration on deer.
I would imagine the TSX would really shine in a .257 Wby.


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Posted By: Mojo
Date Posted: May/07/2008 at 17:43
I wonder if the tsx expands as reliably as the X bullet.  My experience with those, is that they do not expand at all on thin skinned game.  Looks like Rifle Dude had better luck.


Posted By: lucytuma
Date Posted: May/07/2008 at 17:50
Pyro, I agree with Ted, with the .257wby., you'll be pushing the tsx @ 3200-3500 depending on bullet and load, this should be more than enough to initiate expansion.

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Posted By: richardca99
Date Posted: May/23/2008 at 07:43

My personal feeling, which I cannot back up empirically, is that the Barnes bullets are ideally suited to bullets which are light for their class -- particularly if we're talking about deer.  For instance, the 100 grain TSX is ideal to me in .25-06 because I trust it to hold together at .25-06 speeds and, obviously, to expand reliably.

I agree on the 110 Accubond; if your gun will shoot this bullet, I don't know if there is a better bullet made for deer. 

Posted By: sakomato
Date Posted: May/23/2008 at 08:32
There have been many threads on the TSX and whether it opens up reliably, especially at the higher speeds.  Some say that the petals can be stripped and it will create a very small wound channel and exit.  I had one such failure shooting a 140 grain 270 caliber TSX at 3200 fps impacting a 100 pound hog at 85 yards.  Faint blood traces about 12" off the ground on grasses for about 100 yards and then disappeared.
Some say that the very small hollow points in the small caliber TSX's are mostly partially occluded and that can create problems
.338, .308, .284, .277, .264
Notice the detritus inside some of the smaller hollow points.
Personally, I will not hesitate to use a TSX in calibers .308 and larger and bullet weights of 180 gr or more (especially like the 225 gr 338 caliber TSX).  In the lighter calibers I prefer the Accubond.  In years of reading and listening I have come to the conclusion that fast and light is not for me and that bullets that travel at normal speeds will penetrate further and not do strange things.

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Posted By: 8shots
Date Posted: May/23/2008 at 09:11
I'm with you on this one Sakomato. In fact I think the .308 cal is still marginal.
I have tried monolithics in my 308 cal and will not use them again. A hunting friend of mine disagrees and uses them extensively. Maybe he is a better shot then me (by about 7 shots!). I do take a few chances and my bullet placement is not allways perfect. I therefore need a bullet that is a little bit more forgiving of a less then perfect shot.

Posted By: wildcat
Date Posted: July/03/2008 at 21:14
i like the110 accbounds.

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