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remington sps aac-sd 308

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Topic: remington sps aac-sd 308
Posted By: troweler
Subject: remington sps aac-sd 308
Date Posted: December/20/2010 at 19:46
 Just got it last week. Mounted a scope, been waiting on weather 4 days to sight it in. I was thinking about changing the stock, it came with a Houge gray marbeled rubber overmoulded that you can actually move the end of the stock back and forth so I was'nt very impressed. But today, oh yea today, dead calm, 50's, took it to the pasture for a little shooten. Bore sighted, shot 3 rounds, ajusted, shot 3 more, ajusted, looked real good. Settled in to see what it could do. Two rounds touching one outside about a quarter. Next 3 all 3 touching. Next 3 two touching one outside maybe an eighth. That was with factory remington corelocks 180 gr. I don't think I am going to change a thing what do yall think? I could'nt beleive it could shoot that good or me either. I don't have any way to measure, but I'm thinking that is pretty close to .3 or .4 on the one with all three touching. I have a 24 in. barrelled 5r that I can do that with sometimes but this one only has a 20 in. barrell. I think maybe I am impressed.

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Posted By: SVT_Tactical
Date Posted: December/21/2010 at 06:43
Only advise i will tell you is to inlet a still rod or piece of a carbon arrow into the forend to firm it up. Made my groups better when i did this.

Posted By: Lockjaw
Date Posted: December/05/2017 at 10:32
I wish mine shot that good. I haven't tried a 180 grain yet. I got some to touch, but it always threw fliers or strings shots. 

I finally got it shooting a little over an inch at 100 yards and replaced the stock with a Boyd's At One, and it doesn't shoot any tighter with it. 

Posted By: nralifer
Date Posted: December/06/2017 at 05:59
Never really had a problem with Hogue rifle stocks.The front ends could be stiffer but one can use a broom stick and wrap it in coarse sand paper to ream out the barrel channel some more to increase the clearance with the barrel. Have one on a Savage long action in a 300 WSM and it is capable of shooting sub 1/2" groups. Has the aluminum bedding block. If the rifle groups as well as you say it does, would spend my time and money on a high quality scope and practicing long range shooting. The 308 Win with the right bullets is very capable out to 1000 yds.180 gr Corlokt BCs are low (<.39) so will drop like stones beyond 3-400 yds and become subsonic at 850 yds

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Posted By: Lockjaw
Date Posted: December/06/2017 at 16:04

I have a 700 BDL 270 in a Hogue with the bedding block and its sub moa all day long with the right ammo. 

I bought some fed premium 180 gr nosler partitions to try in mine. I would like to get it shooting decent before dropping the $$ on pillar and glass bedding the Boyd's stock. Otherwise I think I would rather replace the barrel. 

Posted By: BobC
Date Posted: December/06/2017 at 23:52
The Hogue stock has to be better than the recycled milk jug stock that comes on the SPS Varmint.

Posted By: Marine24
Date Posted: December/07/2017 at 08:26
+1 on SVT's recommendation.  Had the same rifle and it shot exceptionally well.  Only problem I had is when I shot it off of a bipod.  When you load the bipod, the end of stock can make contact with the barrel.

I ended up replacing the stock but know others who just made their more still with similar results.

Posted By: Lockjaw
Date Posted: December/07/2017 at 13:45
Originally posted by BobC BobC wrote:

The Hogue stock has to be better than the recycled milk jug stock that comes on the SPS Varmint.

My 270 was one with the rynite stock, and I wish I had kept it. It was sub MOA with that stock too. And weaver rings and bases. 

The bedding block hogue is nice, the pillar bedded one is junk. It's so flimsy. Mine strings shots something awful. 

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