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.243 Win- powder and 80-85's

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Topic: .243 Win- powder and 80-85's
Posted By: jason miller
Subject: .243 Win- powder and 80-85's
Date Posted: June/09/2011 at 22:23
I have somewhere between 250-300 pieces of once fired brass from my .243 now, and it's about time to start putting it to use.  I've pretty much narrowed down my bullet choice to 85 grain Speer BTSP's with a BC of .404 and a low price tag, and a small batch of Barnes 80 grain TTSX's to be reserved for potential future hunting scenarios.

According to Barnes' information on their website, their 80 grain TTSX can be launched at 3467 fps with Reloder 17.  But for the 85 grain TSX, they like Ramshot Hunter at 3334 fps. 

I like the 80 grain for the fact that it can be pushed faster and has basically the same BC as their 85 according to Barnes, but I'm not a fan of using Reloder 17(or RL19 in my .338) for the alleged velocity fluctuations with temperature changes.  From what I've read, Hunter is a very stable powder.  I plan to use it with the Speer 85's, but I've read that 85 grains in a .243 Win is the very low end of optimal for Hunter powder. 

So I guess I'm wondering, would Hunter come close to Reloder 17 with the 80 grain TTSX?  Would anything?  I'd obviously like to stick with one powder for both batches if it's possible for one to be optimal with both...

From what I gather, some of the newer powders offer more energy through advanced pressure curves while having similar peak burn rates as 4350 powders.  I think Ramshot Hunter is on the slightly slower side, and Reloder 17 is on the slightly faster side of these.  I guess Reloder 17 would be just the ticket for this application if it were less temperature sensitive.

Posted By: SVT_Tactical
Date Posted: June/10/2011 at 07:14
You'd need to try them both in your rifle and see which one performs best.  Dont get hung up on speed, accuracy is the key.  Try the Hunter being its more temp insensitive first, if you dont' get good results with both then try the 17.  teh 243 is a fairly flat round so a few hundred FPS aint that big

Posted By: jason miller
Date Posted: June/10/2011 at 09:33
You're right.  I just am used to not worrying about accuracy because this particular rifle shoots everything I've fed it under an inch at 100, and that kind of speed out of a .243 with a legitimate hunting bullet sure does look nice when you run the ballistics out to 350 yards- a reasonable max hunting range.

Something else to consider is that this rifle only has a 22" barrel, so it might not work as well with powders that might be a touch too slow for a particular bullet.  Am I correct in assuming that?

Posted By: Dale Clifford
Date Posted: June/10/2011 at 09:41
not necessarily so, slower powders can still give higher vel. in shorter barrels. You should look at HYbrid and Super Performance, and 87 gr amax. 

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Posted By: Steelbenz
Date Posted: June/10/2011 at 09:43
Work up a load with Varget an forget it.   I'm not home now so I don't have the data in front of me but I think I loaded 32.2grs Varget under 105 amaxs for my cousin and that thing is wicked accurate in any temp with plenty of stopping power. Just a thought!

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Posted By: Bigdaddy0381
Date Posted: June/10/2011 at 09:46
Varget..... Thats what i use with 95gr bergers and 75gr a-max's

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Posted By: Blackbird
Date Posted: June/11/2011 at 06:12
Pick a Hodgdon "Extreme" powder that is suitable for the .243 Win. if you want temperature insensitivity. (go to Hodgdon website for loading data) I use H4831 in my 1-10" twist Sako for launching the 87 gr Hornady V-Maxes. It is more accurate in my rifle than H4350. 

Posted By: billyburl2
Date Posted: June/11/2011 at 06:53
H-4350 will make that .243 sing...Trust me!

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Posted By: Dale Clifford
Date Posted: June/11/2011 at 10:39
Hybrid and super performance will give you the same accuracy. but 200 to 300 fps faster than 4350 or 4831 with 87 gr range pills -- try it.

I love little league baseball-- it keeps the kids out of the house
Yogi Bera

Posted By: tjtjwdad
Date Posted: June/12/2011 at 00:38
For my 6mm Remington;
I've tried a lot of powders in my 6mm Remington:
-Hybrid 100-V
87VMAX: H4831 and H100V (aka...Hybrid) had a better velocity with the same accuracy.  I have some Superformance but haven't tried it yet.  IIRC, Hybrid is-not an "Exterme" line of powder.
75VMAX:  For me IMR4064 and RE-15 gave me the best results,  Haven't tried Superformance.
Don't forget to try different primers too.

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