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Any opinions on BSA 36 X Platinum scope?

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Topic: Any opinions on BSA 36 X Platinum scope?
Posted By: Sakoman
Subject: Any opinions on BSA 36 X Platinum scope?
Date Posted: June/04/2012 at 15:16
Have seen ads for the BSA 36 X Platinum target scopes. 

Cheap prices?  Haas anyone tried one?



Posted By: stork23raz
Date Posted: July/12/2012 at 10:31
BSA  is a lower end scope. In scopes, binoculars, etc. You generally get what you pay for.  
#1 this scope will not be repeatable like a true target scope needs to be. So if you are a cranker  then the odds are that your going to miss what your aiming at. If you do manage to  hit it,  it will be dumb luck.
#2 The glass on these things are cheap.  glass trumps maginification.  people tend to go for higher magnifcation but you are better to spend money on quality glass.
Whats your gun, what distance are you going to be shooting at, whats your budget?
If you want something to crank and good glass for the money: -
If you can afford more, maybe look into a sightron big sky or sightron SIII

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Posted By: SVT_Tactical
Date Posted: July/12/2012 at 11:12
This is about the cheapest target scope i'd look at i you truely are after an ultra fine reticle at higher power and all">Weaver 36x40 T-Series Rifle Scope">Fine Crosshair - Weaver 36x40 T-Series Rifle Scope
Stock # - 849970
  • Matte
  • Fine Crosshair
  • 1"
  • Adjustable Objective
  • Free 4" Sun Shade w/ Purchase
javascript:__doPostBack%28ctl00$wpm$CategoryGrid$ctl04$ProductList$ctl03$Add2Cart$AC,%29">Add Weaver 36x40 T-Series Rifle Scope to Cart - More Details ยป

Optional Accessories:
The SS scopes mentioned above are great but may not be what you want on a benchrest style target gun, if that is indeed what your looking at. They go up to 20X but most of the time for BR you'll want a bit more with really fine adjustments and small intersection on the reticle.  Leupold also makes fixed power target scopes that are good.

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Posted By: sholling
Date Posted: July/12/2012 at 19:41
I'll second the Weaver it's a darn good scope. 

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Posted By: huffmanite
Date Posted: July/31/2013 at 19:35
About the BSA Platinum 36x. Have one that been on a few of my rifles...presently on a .223 Savage Axis. Also own several of the 6-24 or 8-32 Platinums that are mounted on mild to mid recoiling rifles like a 6.5x55 Swede or 257 Roberts.

I just shoot paper, mostly at 100 yds with my rifles and occasionally at 200 yds.

Glass in my Platinums is quite adequate. Certainly the optics is not as good as optics in my two Weaver Super Slams, but I've no problem getting a clear sight picture on a 100 yd target. Parallax adjustment is pretty good on mine....seems spot on to me when adjusting parallax for different distances. Don't care much for its rear focus, but it works.

As to a Platinums turret adjustments for windage and elevation, you will probably be disappointed. Nice audible clicks, you can feel too, when you take a Platinum out of the box and play with turrets. Mount the scope in rings and suddenly you ask, what happen to the nice audible clicks and the definite feel of a click when you turn the turret. The turret adjustments do move a bullet around on a target, but can't say they are reliable. I'm frequently experimenting with different loads/bullets and etc. with my rifles, so am frequently making turret adjustments. I do get the bullet to hit where I've put the cross hairs on my target, providing I have a load that shoots decently.   

Bought my first Platinum over two years ago, three more of them since then. Each has seen a fair number of rounds fired with them mounted and I've had no problem with them holding zero. Try to get to range a couple of times a week, spending two to fours hours each time.

We have a target competition shoot once a month at our range. I always use my most accurate rifle with a Weaver Super Slam on it in the competition....have finished any where from 2nd to last place in it. One day another retired gent showed up to participate with his most accurate rifle, a Remington 700 in 22-250 that he'd bought years ago as a used rifle. Well, he finished last place that day. Following week at range he's there and we chat about the competition. Long story short, he wanted to replace the 3-9 power scope and try the competition again. I happen to have my 36X Platinum on one of the rifles I was shooting that day and had him sit down with my rifle and check it out. He was impressed enough to buy one and win our next target competition with the Platinum on his rifle....later we both laughed about his winning with a $70 scope. Yea, if you know where to find it, price is $70 plus shipping.   

Date Posted: August/04/2013 at 10:06
I have a 8-32 that's 6 years olds on a H&R Ultra Varmint Fluted.  It's only been used to shoot prairie dogs and 1 coyote.  It was my first centerfire rifle that I purchased for myself and I thought WOW 8-32 has to be good!  Like huffmanite's it will hold zero but it will not return to zero after larger adjustments for windage and distance.  So if you continue to shoot throughout the day at one dog town it will work well but you need to re-zero it before putting it away so you know where it will shoot when you take it out next time.  Mine has never been used in low light just sunny days.
Knowing what I do now I would pass.

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