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What Power Can I Get For $225.00 ?

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Topic: What Power Can I Get For $225.00 ?
Subject: What Power Can I Get For $225.00 ?
Date Posted: February/07/2019 at 21:55
Hi GuysSmile (Newbie Here)

Just started getting into the great sport of target shooting. I have a 3x9x40 scope and want 
more magnification.

How much magnification can I get for around $225.00 ?


Schooner :-)
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Posted By: cyborg
Date Posted: February/08/2019 at 00:05
Well considering that magnification requires better glass to be of any appreciable use, what are you willing to compromise on? Generally speaking glass and coatings that optimize the way light is transmitted through the lenses costs money. Then there is the construction of the scope, the turrets and how they work with the erector are essential for maintaining zero and also repeatability. You also have to consider how the scope is mounted to your weapon, rings are very important, as is whether or not they have been lapped for optimal scope contact with the mounting surfaces of the rings. Then too there is the base and depending on your application and it's individual needs, a inclined base (built in MOA) may be needed. There is a lot to consider here. I would recommend for the sake of actually getting to the point of consistent and accurate shooting that you save some money, and for the time being use what you have, learn to make full use of it's potential, and then once you have the money saved up expect to start with something that will cost 600.00 dollars and up. Keep in mind that, that is just the scope. But it will at the minimum get you heading in the right direction with vastly fewer headaches and a great deal more fun. 

If you are dead set on venturing forth though, there are a couple of possibilities. I do not have any of these so I can't recommend based on my usage of, or experience with them.

Best of luck to you and keep us posted on what course you decide to take.

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Posted By: JimFromTN
Date Posted: February/08/2019 at 11:25
If you don't have issue with fixed power and are willing to spend an additional $35, there are numerous SWFA SS scopes in your price range out on the Samplelist.

Posted By: SVT_Tactical
Date Posted: February/08/2019 at 15:04
Good point Jim... -
Samplelist is owned and operated by our host, SWFA, and you'll get some great buys on it.
Use the search function to put in your max budget... then you'll have a few pages of options. Just remember magnification doesn't work with inferior glass..... Like Cyborg stated.
I have used this scope (rebranded 3200) and it fits your budget.  I had good luck with mine - -

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Posted By: AffordableOptics
Date Posted: March/28/2019 at 22:25
check out Discovery, they  have decent glass quality with alot of features. i have owned 2. and HD and their VTT model.  just make sure you buy it from a north american retailer

Affordable Optics and Rifle Reviews-YouTube

Posted By: 3_tens
Date Posted: March/28/2019 at 23:39
Please read the Rules of engagement. Rule number 3 is important.Optic Talk is funded as a courtesy of SWFA. We the members have control with no ties to SWFA other than loyalty for the privilege of a place of knowledge and comradery. 
Welcome to the OT. It is a good place to gain knowledge and make friends. 

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Posted By: koshkin
Date Posted: March/29/2019 at 00:01
In your price range, virtually any scope that is very feature rich will have some significant compromises with the fundamentals.

Given the modest budget, I would rather focus on the fundamentals.

What kind of target shooting do you do?  Anything formal? or just shooting at plates at the range?

What are the typical distances?


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Posted By: Scrumbag
Date Posted: March/29/2019 at 04:14
Welcome on board!

Was sure I had a point when I started this post...

Posted By: Rancid Coolaid
Date Posted: March/29/2019 at 08:29
Koshkin's questions help, but I will add to them:
what rifle
what is your experience level
what distance
what is the target

That's a start.

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