The Mil-Dot Reticle

Learn some of the basics about mil dots with these quick introductions.

Mil-Dot and MOA, An In-depth Study

A guide to understanding what they are and how to derive the Range Estimation Equations. By Robert J. Simeone

How to Get the Most out of your Mil-Dot Reticle

OK, so now you understand what it is and now you want to to get the most out of your mil-dot reticle

A Note From the Leupold Engineers

Here what the engineers of Leupold scopes have to say about mil dots.

Horus CATS™ Targets

Calibration And Training System:
The bullet didn't hit the mark at 500 yards even with correct come-up and wind values. You must've missed. After all, the rifle and scope were zeroed, right? Maybe not. The scope and rifle could be mounted, meeting at a single point, but misaligned everywhere else. Or internal mechanisms could be a hair off at zero, compounding as you click farther up. Your scope might not be perfectly aligned directly above your rifle barrel: causing cant. Shooting long range exaggerates the slightest flaws. CATS™ is a simple, inexpensive way to reveal and remove those flaws.

Extreme-range shooters will love CATS™ targets for training. Designed to be used at 100 yards, they perfectly replicate a 1000 yard range. Use with Horus' ASLI™ for unparalleled accuracy training.

Download PDF instructions

Horus CATS Targets